12/1 rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

Here are a few notes and reminders to look at before dress rehearsal on Saturday.


- m. 11 – not super fast (also m. 251)
- m. 30 – start thinking about ritard at the beginning of the bar
- m. 39 – very short staccato
- m. 167 – trombones gliss in time with me (also m. 189, 191, 334)
- m. 283 – cellos and basses crisp and solid on the first note
- m. 289-292 – think of the grace notes before each downbeat as being in the previous bar. (This is one of the limitations of music notation.) In other words, the accented 8th note is the downbeat, so the grace notes need to start earlier.
- m. 315 – strings as soft as you can possibly play (This is not a limitation of music notation. ppp means ppp)
- m. 323 – think about ritard before it happens


- Count like crazy. Don’t rely on your ears.
- letter B – 3rd and 4th horns can be louder to echo horn 1 and 2
- G – keep it moving
- m. 91 – think about the accelerando coming up
- m. 137 – if anyone plays in the empty downbeat again, I may lose my holiday cheer…

Old English

- E – horns and trombones: energy, precision, tempo. Be ready for your entrance a bar earlier than you expect.

Christmas Festival

- extra attention to the beat at m. 18, 91, and 226

Thanks, everyone! See you at 10:00 on Saturday (or 9:00 to set up). Bring a nice black music stand if you have one.


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