2/18 rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

Since there are so many strings issues that need work in the Dvorak, I would like have the first 45 minutes of rehearsal on the 25th be just strings. Full orchestra will start at 7:45. If you have lots of stuff to set up (like percussion), you’re welcome to come in and do that while I’m working with the strings.

Strings, please do some work on the following spots before Monday:

Dvorak 1st movement:

- cellos, 27 after A (and 12 bars following) – notes, timing, intonation
- violins, 13 before B – tone quality for triple stops (also 13 before H)
- 6 before B, also 6 before H

Dvorak 2nd movement:

- cellos and basses, beginning – intonation

Dvorak 3rd movement:

- cellos and basses, Trio – phrasing
- 1st violins, 4 before B – phrasing

Dvorak 4th movement:

8 before B – timing and counting (also 8 before H)
20 after F – timing and tone quality on double and triple stops
G – counting and intonation
I – 8th notes for 2nd violins, violas, and cellos

We’ll work on the Sousa and the Coe at 7:45, and then we’ll run as much of the Dvorak as we can after the break.

Have a good week!


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