9/22 rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

We’re halfway through rehearsals for the October concert, and I think things are going pretty well. Next week is strings only, then we have full orchestra on 10/6. Our final Monday rehearsal for this concert is on 10/10 at Edwards Church in Northampton. It’s for full orchestra except for percussion, and we’ll have our soloists for the Mozart for the first time.

For the string sectional this coming Monday, please be working on the following:

Smetana – beginning up to the 3/4 Molto moderato, the 2/4 between F and G, the Andante before H (especially 1st violins at H), and K to L

Mendelssohn – beginning to B, F to end

Mozart – we’ll work on everything, but will focus especially on the 16th note runs in the 1st movement, style and ensemble in the 2nd movement, and getting the 3rd movement up to tempo (quarter = 156) with staccato quarter notes everywhere.

Have a good week!


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