9/23 rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your flexibility and willingness to move the rehearsal on short notice. It was great that we didn’t have to lose a rehearsal.

Some reminders from Monday’s rehearsal:

Schubert 1st movement:
- cello/bass intonation at beginning
- violins sul tasto and pp at m. 9
- always maintain a good tone — no blasting or scratching, especially around m. 85 and 104
*for Monday: 2nd ending to letter E

Schubert 2nd movement:
- true pp at beginning
- m. 58-60 horns ppp, no cresc, hold final quarter note to beat 3
- m. 64 and following: strings stay very soft under the clarinet and oboe solos. (Clarinet and oboe can be a tiny bit louder, though.)
*for Monday: B to m. 142

- woodwind balance at beginning (very soft if you have half and quarter notes)
- cello intonation at beginning, especially down low
- 5: steady 16ths in the flutes — be sure to stay with me
*for Monday: 3 to 5

- this is easy and going well, so don’t spend too much time on it
*for Monday: m. 91 to end

Gould 1st movement
- strings counting in m. 3
- violins not so loud at C and D
- 4th bar of D, etc: entrances after 8th rests can’t be late. Be prepared and don’t breathe at the last second. (Also 5th bar of J in the brass)
- 4th bard of H: timing in the strings
*for Monday: L to the end, and work on increasing the tempo

Gould 2nd movement
- violin 1, bigger cresc the bar before 1 and following
- 4th bar of 3: string intonation
- 4 before 6 to 3 after 6: woodwind rhythms
- 3 before 5: strings rhythm
*for Monday: 7 to end

Gould 3rd movement
- cut off on tied 8ths: strings 1 before B, winds 1 before C, etc.
- F: strings not too loud, don’t rush
- I: trumpet and trombone louder, horns be sure to stay with me
*for Monday: L to the end

Gould 4th movement
- staccato quarter notes
- rhythm at 2 — also 2 before 3 and 1 before 5
- 5: syncopated rhythm more precise
- 6: violin 1 not too loud
- 13: strings more solid
*for Monday: 15 to end, and work on increasing tempo

The schedule for Monday will be:

7:00 Albert
7:10 Gould
8:20 break
8:40 Schubert
9:15 Tchaikovsky

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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