9/29 rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

Excellent rehearsal with the strings on Monday! Looking forward to having the full orchestra again this coming Monday. We’ll be playing through everything.

Strings, here are some things to continue working on:

Mendelssohn – 16th note passagework is going well, but it can always be more solid

Smetana – triplets between Vivace and C, rhythm 5 bars before L

Mozart 1st movement – 4th bar of A (cellos and basses), scales before F and L, ritards between F and G

Mozart 2nd movement – keep working on repeated 8th notes – long enough to have vibrato and diminuendo on each note

Mozart 3rd movement – cha cha cha

If you do Facebook, hopefully you received the Event that I created for the concert. Please share with your friends!

Have a good week!

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