For Monday 11/10

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to having the whole orchestra together again on Monday. The main challenge for this concert is going to be transitions — being on top of everything when there are frequent changes of key, meter, tempo, dynamics, and mood. So in your practicing, pay particular attention to the transitions between sections or songs.

Some specific things to be working on are:

Grinch: m. 10-39

Tubby: m. 112-123, m. 167-182

Prokofiev: rehearsal 46

Twas: m. 45-80

Old English: F to G

We’ll be working on everything on Monday, but for the longer pieces, I’ll just be focusing on the following:

Tubby: beginning to m. 184
Twas: beginning to m. 181
Christmas Festival: beginning to m. 202

Have a good week!


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