Sectional rehearsal notes

Hi everyone,

The two sectional rehearsals went very well. If you missed your sectional, please check with someone in your section to find out what you missed. There are a lot of editorial changes in the Mozart, and we added bowings to the Dousa.

Things to work on for Monday:

- Dousa – try to get all of the 16th note runs cleanly under your fingers at quarter=120

- Rimsky-Korsakov: you might want to check out a recording or video of the piece to get a sense of the overall structure. Here’s a YouTube video: We’ll be working on the beginning up to letter V.

Some general thoughts about style for the Mozart:

- light, precise playing
- always aim for the most beautiful tone possible. Avoid scratching and overblowing.
- taper the ends of phrases and at cadences. Do a slight diminuendo rather than a crescendo or accent.
- articulations in fast tempos should generally be staccato for 8th notes, and a little separation (but not fully staccato) on quarter notes.
- if in doubt, choose softer/shorter over louder/longer

For Mozart on Monday we will be focusing mainly on the first and last movements. We’ll still play movements 2 and 3, but the outer movements need the most attention.

The rehearsal order will be:


See you Monday!

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